Yasmine Boudiaf is a creative technologist and researcher. She is currently a Fellow of the Ada Lovelace Institute researching AI Ethics and Racial Justice. Her previous projects used VR as a tool to explore challenging social situations and to highlight power asymmetries. She has also used AI and computer vision to create a library of hand gestures as a form of digital auto-ethnography and cultural preservation.

Katie Tindle is an artist, curator and educator. Her personal practice is based in writing, installation using moving image and sound, and web technologies. Her work centres on wellness / illness, the body, poetics and feminist thought. Her curatorial practice is based around democratisation and demystification of art spaces and art pedagogy. She is a founder member of arts collective In-grid, is studying for a masters in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths UoL, and is working as a graduate teaching assistant on the BA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins, UAL, where she formerly received her undergraduate degree in Fine Art.

Felix Loftus is an artist, community worker, and web designer. His artistic practice encompasses digital image-making, interactive sound, philosophy, and poetics. He works with themes of contemporary and speculative urban ecologies, cyborg life, and decolonial histories of technology. His current research is on the history of nature photography and the possibilities for computational forms of nature photography. Alongside his artistic practice, he teaches computing, science, and maths to primary and secondary school children. He is studying for his Master’s in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths.

Lou Terry - I am a computational artist, sound artist and songwriter, and also work on the blog/website side of The Human Data Interaction Network Plus.  My artistic practice tends to involve installations or performances, often with a sonic element, and dealing with themes such as environments, ecologies, tech-feminism, resource extraction and animals.    
Examples of my work linked below include:
Feral Robotic Birds - speculate future sonic environments and bird song. They listen to their environments, and slowly incorporate surrounding sounds into their songs. The longer they are left somewhere, the more they begin to sound like the sonic history of that environment.
Video of Feral Robotic Birds in action:
Research behind the artwork:
Anatomy of an AI - As part of a projection mapping assignment for my Computational Arts MA, and heavily inspired by Joler and Crawford’s ‘Anatomy of an AI System’, this piece visually explores the imagery of hidden data, human labour and resource extraction existent in the apparatus behind Amazon’s Alexa.
Interactive Instrument - This is an interactive sonic instrument that reacts to sounds in a room, and can be used either in performance as an instrument or be left as an interactive sonic installation.

Catherine Chapman a.k.a. Jude Marcella is a moving image artist specialising in 3D. Her work explores themes of material constraint and animism. Working with layers of sampled video, she builds animated systems that work within often claustrophobic frameworks.
Jude graduated with a BA in Animation from the University of Westminster in 2017. She has contributed live visual performances to Algorave, Cafe Oto (2020) and Mira Festival, Barcelona. She has also led animation on Without Bounds to Beat, a short documentary about the effect of Google Maps, commissioned by the BFI (2019) and in 2017 she exhibited at the Internet Yami-Ichi at Tentacular Festival.