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Signals and Storms

Led by Solveig Suess, Asia Bazdyreva (Geocinema) and James Bridle*

Matadero Madrid - November 18 - 22, 2019
Applications deadline November 14, 2019
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Signals and storms is an activity designed jointly with the Tentacular festival. A group of 25 participants from Madrid and the rest of Europe will face the challenge of observing, exploring and narrating the planet – and Madrid in particular – as a hybrid and accidental mega-structure interconnecting human beings, their habits, their infrastructures, and other agents, both natural and artificial.

Participants will be encouraged to think creatively of new ways of talking about what human senses fail to capture, including both non-human factors, as well as other elements of human origin (such as infrastructure, data layers, etc.), which are often designed to operate in the background and blur their bias, control systems, and power hierarchies.

Geocinema and Bridle’s work will be the starting point and at the same time a method. A first-hand knowledge of the most specific aspects of their projects will allow participants to find inspiration for possible creative strategies to collect data, create images and build stories. We will discuss narrative and aesthetic choices; and finally we will try to build visual, audiovisual, narrative, and even performative or literary prototypes according to the participants’ skills. Studying and possibly piercing the irregular solderings of this megamachine is the challenge of this program.

Freeport 0 Signals and storms is a pilot for a longer program to be held at Matadero from Fall 2020 through Spring 2021.


* Due to unexpected personal circumstances beyond organizers' control, James Bridle will unfortunately not be able to travel to Madrid for this program. Therefore this specific track of the Freeport 0 program will be canceled. This change does not affect the other track led by Geocinema.