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Apply FAQ

Where & when

FREEPORT 0 - Trespassing the data factory will take place at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona from Sunday June 24 in the evening to Friday June 29.

How to apply

Please send an email to apply@freeport.institute with the following:
- Your name or pseudonym
- Where you are usually based
- Quick way to get in touch with you (phone number, maybe?)
- Short text with your bio and motivations to attend this course. This should include your skills and how they may contribute to this program. Of course, don’t forget links or whatever reference you may think is relevant for the application.


The price is 250 € per person. It includes lunch from Monday to Friday. A special fee (125 €) is available for 5 applicants. We'll do our best to support people with low income or those traveling from other cities or countries. If you think you may need this little help, just let us know why.


Applications will be reviewed by the organizers (The Influencers, the CCCB and Share Labs). In the selection process we will pursue balance of gender, language, and minorities.

Travel and accommodation

Unfortunately at the moment we cannot offer participants coming from other cities or countries any accommodation, nor cover their travel expenses. If you need help finding a place to stay, please let us know and we will try to help!

I don't speak neither Spanish nor Catalan!

The program will be held in English (facilitators will help Spanish-speaking and Catalan-speaking participants, if needed).

Is there any required skills to participate?

No specific skills are necessary to attend this program, and yet some understanding of network technologies will help, as well as some expertise in either art making, design, journalism, activism, or critical engineering. The purpose of FREEPORT is to circulate ideas, tools and tactics to accelerate creative practices in any of those fields.

What kind of output should I expect?

The output of this program really depends on you. Our purpose is to assist in the development of both existing projects and new ideas, encouraging unconventional creative practices, especially those who look apparently weird and don’t seem to fit in just one category.

So, if you already have some ideas but no specific plan about them, after this program you may be able to design a first working plan to turn your ideas into a project. Or, if you are already developing a project, after this program you may be able to update it, evolve it or make it stronger.

I’m no data expert, should I apply?

Absolutely! The key aspect of this program will be mixing up creative people with different backgrounds, strong motivations and - why not? - wild ideas. That’s why experienced artists or designers are welcome to join, as well as creators with a shorter or incipient career, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. Share Labs will give extremely valuable insight on rather complex matters, but the key point in the program will be learning through creative exchanges among all participants, faculty included.

How big will this course be?

We would love to have as many people as possible joining us, but unfortunately this time around we will have to narrow it down to 13-15 participants for practical reasons.

Can I apply to be an assistant or facilitator?

Yes, we will review candidates for 2 jobs as assistants. If you are familiar with the key topics of the program, have worked or have a project of your own in this field, you could help as an assistant and facilitator. This means that you can participate for free, even though your primary task will be assisting the Share Labs team and helping others (even with basic tasks such as translation or setting up tools). Of course, you must be fluent in English, Catalan and Spanish.

If you are interested, specify it in your application (the process is the same as regular applications).

When will I know if I have been selected?

Applications will close on May 20th and we will let you know by May 22th.

I’ve been selected. And now?

You will be asked to pay 50% of the fee in advance before May 25st. Once we’ll receive the payment we will get in touch with you to confirm that your application is complete.

Is there a waiting list for those who have not been selected?

Yes! If there will be the chance to include more applicants, people in the waiting list will be notified by May 26th.