Gabriela Gordillo (1986, Ciudad de México) Visual communicator and sound artist graduated from Visual Communication BA (2014) Centro de Diseño Cine y Televisión in Mexico City and Interface Cultures MA (2018) Kunstuniversität Linz, in Linz. In her work she uses sound, design and participation as medium for artistic research on subjective interrelations of contemporary media technology. She has participated in exhibitions, workshops and performances such as Articulaciones del Silencio (MX), Festival Transitio (MX), Interface Cultures at Ars Electronica Festival (AT), Tadaex (Ir), Design Week London (UK), Push Conference (DE). Previous collaborations were with the groups La LLECA (2007-2008), LAEN (2009-2010), Medialab MX (2014-2015) in Mexico City and Fabrikanten Live-Art Coop (2018-2020) in Linz.
Twitter: @ladyguaba


Mario Romera Gómez (1989, ES): My research and work focuses on the exploration of new ways of developing participatory art experiences. With a background in visual arts, his works are based on individual or collective practices from everyday situations, mixing life with art as much as possible. My projects aim to improve life through art, by stimulating a conscious critique of the ‘normality’ we live in. This happens by linking living concepts with the social values of community, economics and politics and exploring new ways to build possible alternatives for them.Currently studying Interfaces Cultures MA at the Kunstuniversität Linz, also work as a web developer and creates artworks workshops and experiences shown lately Ars Electronica Festival 2020, Speculum Artium 2020, Art Meets Radical Openness 2020, Hackers and Designers: Summer Academy 2020.


Matthias Pitscher (1991, DE)

Pitscher is a cyberspace-based artist exploring algorithmic culture. With performances, installations and web based work he is engaging with centralized online platforms in a deconstructive and humorous way. As the founder of Social Media Meditation he has helped people to find digital enlightenment since 2016. He does not play by the rules of engagement and advertisement, instead scrapes and creates content to flood networks with senseless information. Recently he has been working in the field of machine learning, automation and it’s core mechanism of data collecting. In collaboration with Giacomo Piazzi he has been working on a palm reading AI called “The Chiromancer”, which is using statistical text generation to create vague predictions of the user, exposing the Barnum-effect through machine intelligence. Together with the net culture initiative he is organizing a critical hacklab on voice-computer-interfaces and digital assistants planned for 2021.

Most recent exhibitions include (2020):The Chiromancer @ lab30, Augsburg (postponed)#itscoronatime @, online / Ars Electronica FestivalSocial Media Meditation @ Atelier 35, BukarestSocial Media Meditation @, onlineCybersquat @ Keck Kiosk, Basel