We are a team of four students of Hanze Academy Minerva Groningen, following studies in Time Based Design, Fine Arts (2x) and Graphic Design. We share a common interest in meme culture, and interrogating+negotiating the border of the virtual and the actual.

KARYNA SHEIKH ( UA / PK ----> 2001 )

LILY DOLLNER ( IR / UK ---> 2000 )


MICHIEL TEEUW (1999, NL) makes images that make people do things.  Working as a designer+artist, there is a common thread of relating to systems of all kinds- inviting to laugh, think and ask questions. Earlier exhibitions and publications include Het Resort, Dutch Design Week, Ormston House, WORM, Motel Spatie and NP3 RE:Search Gallery, Zelda Zine, and SIGN gallery. michielteeuw.nl