October 2021
The Signal & Storms Laboratory expands on the concept of ‘Geocinema,’ which seeks to address the challenges of representation in an increasingly algorithmic world. Most imaging techniques today are operationalised in ways that escape immediate visibility or perceptibility by humans — they are far too complex, too dispersed, too fast. Processes of recording, archiving, distribution, and visualisation of data are overwhelming in their amounts and scales, where the notion of an image as well as the notion of a recording device can be seen to have already been expanded while embedded in geological formations as much as in geopolitical configurations.


Algorithmic Futures, Planetary Programmability, Platforms beyond Prediction, Eerie Narratives, Intense Archives

Distributed Eye

Calibration, Infrascapes, Geomedia, Framing Territories, Biased Tools, Double-bind, Bringing-into-Being, Performativity, Selective Memory-Capture, Optimised Mattering, Intelligent Representation, Distribution, Noisy Translations, Haunted Efficiencies, Optimised Gaze, Forgotten Parameters


Collaboration, Assembling- Disassembling, Fragmentation, Entanglements, Resonance, Footnotes, Peripheries, Open-ended encounters, Alienation, Collective Entrancement, Estrangement, Supply chains of perception, thousands of tiny futures, Stitching/Unstitching

Geocinema (Asia Bazdyreva & Solveig Suess)
Earth Burst by Speculative Landscapes (Madeleine Collie, Marta Fernández Calvo, Rubiane Maia, Cherry Truluck)
Survey, In Present Tense by Dicle Taskin & Gulnur Guler Kavas
Chrono Messenger by Iris Long & He Zike
Undergrounded by Raul Nieves Pardo, Toni Navarro, Manuel Latour Fernández, Desirée Quevedo Nieto
穴 Eye of Heaven by Ann Chen, Leon Eckert, Yutong Lin, Yufeng Zhao
Waterworks by Sonia Levy, Lauren Collee, Ayesha Keshani
Seed Scryers (Intimacies with the seed) by Huiying Ng, Luca Lum, Michelle Lai
The Souvenir of Invasiveness by Natalka Revko, Hanna Bryzhata, Sasha Naselenko, Vova Chigrinets
百家布 Bak4 Ga1 Bo3 Cinema by Marcus Yee, Sallie Lau, Michael Leung, Nanxi Liu
Bat Spells by Thomas Lawanson & Anna Mikkola
Palace of Purification by Michelle Doyle, Kerry Guinan, Frank Sweeney, Megan Scott, Claudine Chen

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